The Geelong Junior Golf Academy has been designed with the knowledge and experience of 25 years experience teaching junior golfers. Our clinics and competitions have been pieced together to maximise each child's development.


The GJGA pathway has been developed to create an inclusive environment, where beginners can join more experienced junior golfers without the feeling of being intimidated or left behind.


One of the biggest challenges faced by junior golfers is the length of golf courses in relation to the distance each child can hit the golf ball. For elite level junior golfers, it generally isn't until they develop the strength and speed in their early teenage years that they begin to play each golf hole as it is intended to be played.


This often leads to junior golfers never advancing beyond attending a few golf clinics, as the rewards aren't felt by the child until many years after they begin playing.


All of our junior programs are designed to cover all areas of the game throughout the duration of the term. 

Each of our programs have the advantage of having 3 sessions held at XGolf Geelong, where we utilise their state of the art simulators to provide an extremely fun and interactive environment for the kids to learn in. 

These XGolf sessions also provide a great indoor contingency plan in the event of rain or extreme heat.

We have introduced our first ever advanced program, this program is aimed at students aged 10+ who have golf experience and are looking to make the next step towards possibly joining a golf club and gaining a handicap ect.

This advanced program will run for 90 minutes on Tuesday nights and throughout the Term we will be on course providing more personalised instruction and providing education on golf course etiquette, the rules of golf, shot and club selection ect.

Our 8 step development model gradually increases the distance of each hole as the child's skill level develops. This allows every golfer to play each hole as it was intended and gives the child the experience of making birdies, pars and bogeys. Rather than needing to hit several full shots before reaching the green and generally finishing with a confidence shattering score on each hole.

During our regular competition rounds, each child plays from their appropriate coloured tees based on their level of advancement on the progression plan. 

We have adopted the colour coded development model from Karate and other martial arts. However, as students advance to the next stage of development they progress to the next set of coloured tees, rather than the next coloured belt as is the case in karate.

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Par 3  -  25m   

Par 4  -  50m

Par 5  -  70m 


Par 3  -  35m   

Par 4  -  75m

Par 5  -  100m 


Par 3  -  50m   

Par 4  -  100m

Par 5  -  150m 


Par 3  -  75m   

Par 4  -  150m

Par 5  -  200m 


Par 3  -  100m   

Par 4  -  200m

Par 5  -  300m 


Par 3  -  125m   

Par 4  -  250m

Par 5  -  350m 


Par 3  -  150m   

Par 4  -  300m

Par 5  -  400m 


Par 3  -  Full Length   

Par 4  -  Full Length

Par 5  -  Full Length